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The provision of services throughout the kissankissan.com website is subject to your acceptance of the Agreement . By completing the registration form and / or using the website form , you submit to the terms and conditions below , legal information and any other terms and conditions added to this Agreement. If you object to this Agreement or any subsequent modifications thereof , or become dissatisfied with your membership website in any way whatsoever, your only solution is to use the following website.  

Connection information on kissankissan.com

When you connect to the site kissankissan.com , you must provide accurate, complete and up to date as requested on the form. You assert that the information collected during the filling of the form is true, accurate and complete. It is your duty to inform us of some changes in this information . All personal information you provide to us will be treated in accordance with the private data kissankissan.com .  


Once you kissankissan.com , you are entirely responsible for any unauthorized use , including unauthorized use of your credit card ( or any other card). If you realize that unknown users kissankissan.com use your information , notify us immediately . You agree that you may use kissankissan.com in your own name and each user name must be used by a single person .  

Your data

Personal information collected by us will be treated in accordance with the legal information and terms of kissankissan.com Know that sending personal data via internet email may not be secure and can be intercepted by a third party or we send incorrect. You must not disclose such information on the internet even if you are currently using technology secure or encrypted communications. We may need (not obliged ) to record all forms of communication , such as instructions or messages from your part in our destination via the website .  

Types of information collected

We distinguish two types of information:  

The personal data

This is data that identifies you or information that can be used to identify or contact you , they may also include the information that you gave us during registration (name , address, email , phone number, address, invoice and credit card details ) . Such information can only be provided by you if you provide it to us voluntarily.  

Non-personal data

Like most websites , we gather statistical and other analytical information collected on an aggregate basis represented by all the visitors to our site. These non -personal information includes information that can be used to identify or contact you , such as demographic information or as regards example , the types of browsers used and other statistical data involving the use of our website. We use non -personal information collected by visitors to our site on the whole to better understand where our visitors come from and to have a better visual and a better organization of our site.  


A cookie is a Small piece of text stored by the browser on your computer to your application server. Cookies can be read during your subsequent visits. The information stored in a cookie may relate to your browsing habits on the web pages , or else a unique identification number so that the website ” remember ” you on your subsequent visits. Generally, cookies do not contain any personal information about you from which they could identify you , even if you have provided such information on the website . We may use cookies to deliver content specific to your interests and to save your personal preferences so you do not need to enter them each time you connect to kissankissan.com . You are free to decline our cookies if your browser permits , or to ask it to indicate when a cookie is being sent. You can also cancel cookie files from your computer to your choice and discretion . Note that if you decline our cookies or ask a warning each time a cookie is being sent , this may affect your ease of use on our website.  

How to remove a cookie ?

Click here for more information on how to remove cookies from the most popular browsers.  

Recharge a prepaid phone

This website may only be used by yourself in order to limit the number of prepaid and / or the value of credits beyond a certain period . You ‘ll be notified through the site when these limits are reached or are on the verge of suffering . Make sure all the instructions you give us through the website is accurate and complete , and know correctly identify the account number for any amount as debit or credit. You should regularly review all – prepaid credits you received , or any other information that we provided through the site and send us any errors or omissions in sending us within 30 days from the date of the transaction. In case the fault or neglect does not come from you, we can count on the status of clear evidence to correct any error or omission.  

Account transactions

According to the law, you authorize us to debit your account through this website under the sole condition that has been activated using your information or other authentication processes that are required at each connection and without which we Under no circumstances give permission to sail on an account through the website , also knowing that all rates may result in your responsibility. Depending on your prepaid credit agreement , we will debit your account and will forward an electronic request to the network of the mobile operator concerned in order to send the value transferred to the beneficiary of the prepaid mobile phone number that you provide us previously sent. By accepting this agreement and admitting not act fraudulently some illegal ways we can create liability for non-performance or improper performance of a prepaid through the website but such liability may be limited to the number of transactions not completed or bad for any reason whatsoever ( technical or not).  

Information and services of third parties

Most of the products and services offered for sale on kissankissan.com or any other service that we may offer are subject created and developed by and for third parties. Information of certain products and services offered on the website are subject to special restrictions. Information about such products and services on the Site may be subject to additional tips and warnings, such identified . These tips and warnings are important insofar as they are defining our common protection . Please take the time to carefully read all the warnings on pages of the site provided for this purpose .  

Your participation

When you send us feedback , suggestions, ideas or other topics related to our site or services , you consent to the use, reproduction, publication , modification, adaptation and transmission of your words without compensation and without limitation, under the terms of our legal obligations and data.  

Links to other sites

Some pages on this website contain links to sites that we are not the owners. We remind you that when you enter these sites from links on kissankissan.com , you will not be subject to our terms and conditions and you will not enjoy our coverage . We will not be responsible for the content , availability or use of such links incurring your own risk. Accessing and using this website , it is these very risks that the user is and we can not guarantee the use of this site or any other downloaded items that would not cause damage to your property , including but not limiting data loss through virus infection on your computer. In any case , we will not accept responsibility for such descriptions including responsibility for negligence or damage arising from loss of data or profits in connection with which the connection with the access, use or performance of this site or its components.  

Modification of Terms

When we are not required you specify otherwise by law , we must make changes to the contract regularly. This alternative should be effective and should you be attached 14 days after notice that an alternative of this kind you have been sent.  

Intellectual Property

Except as otherwise specified whether the rights to intellectual property and the contents of the entire website are under our owned or licensed . Reproduce all or part of the website in any manner is strictly prohibited without our prior consent . By cons , you are permitted to print or download a copy of the site for personal and non-commercial use .  

Data Protection

We will access with the requirement of the law applicable data protection as agreed under the relevant data in its possession relating to you and can make them available for you to inspect in our agreement about you in accordance with these laws. These private regulations are posted on the site regularly and can be applied to the use of your personal data that is part of the agreement.  

Temporary Withdrawal of Service

In the event of a failure , a system malfunction in connection with the website and the services or in the in the moments when a real risk arises about the protection we should have no right creates liability to you level temporarily suspend or services referred to access the website for a period of time as may be required to remedy , address or resolve system problems.  

Security , Maintenance and Availability

You agree that electronic communications , the Internet, telephone lines or telecommunication media based on the SMS can not be secured and the communication of such media can also be intercepted without your knowledge by unauthorized persons and then sent . Therefore , we cialis for men can not guarantee the confidentiality and security of communications via such media even though we have put in place a security system to protect this kind of communication .  

Governmental laws

All relationships that we establish are prerequisites to contract and are listed and these relationships are governed and based on Swiss law.  


Any failure on our part regarding the breach or default of any provision of this Agreement shall not be based on a break not represented successive violations of the same or different terms and can not delay or omission on our part exercise or make available any right, power or privilege they may have and making such a break violations or default by you .   languages The Agreement and all other documents that you provide us to share with you through this Agreement will be translated into English, and all our discussions will be conducted in English .     Geneva in June 2013